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New Program Announcement: Windhorse hosting school field trips

This September, Windhorse hosted its first two “Class Field Trips” with the Bozeman Summit School. In this experience, a class of up to 10 kids learn about leadership skills and horse safety, and observe herd dynamics while exploring horse body language and pecking order, and they groom and lead their horses in an obstacle course. These field trips were a great success, and Windhorse will be offering them again to interested school groups in the spring season. Know students that could benefit from a day at the farm? Get in touch with us at and get ready for 3-hour classes filled with knowledge, laughter, and limitless possibilities in a small group setting. ⁠

Our Fall slots are already booked up, but stay tuned for Spring as we gear up to collaborate with more small schools! Let's embark on this educational adventure together! ⁠

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