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With the horse as partner, Windhorse Equine Learning helps Gallatin and Park County youth better manage the demands and challenges of their lives by encouraging the development of interpersonal and other life skills, including self-confidence, compassion, respect and responsibility.

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What Is Windhorse?

2015 Summer Camp

A nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, Windhorse provides experiential equine-assisted learning (EAL) opportunities that promote the development of life skills through guided interaction with horses. Windhorse promotes these skills by teaching horsemanship and helping participants develop a relationship and a partnership with the horse. They learn about horse behavior, leadership structure and non-verbal communication as they halter, groom, lead, longe and play with horses on the ground and eventually in the saddle.

An all-volunteer organization, Windhorse Equine Learning is in its fourth year of operation and has served close to 100 kids in its school-year programs at Eagle Mount, and through its summer camps in partnership with the YMCA and Montana State University. For a schedule of school-year classes and summer camps, click here.

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  • Learning to Trust: A Two-Way Street

    In our Windhorse programs, building trust between youth and horses is one of the most important learning experiences we facilitate. Most people would agree that healthy relationships require trust. The relationship between horse and human also requires trust, but it is a trust between very different species–predator and prey–that seems improbable at best. Understanding and […]

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  • 1st Annual Art Raffle

    Thanks to Windhorse Art Raffle & Auction Supporters Three cheers to everyone who supported our first Art Raffle to support our youth programs! The drawing and live auction of the art took place at Four Corners Saddlery’s Annual Equine & Wine Fall Extravaganza SALE on Thursday, November 9th, 2017. Congratulations to Michelle West who won the raffle and […]

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A special Thank You to Montana State University Department of Agriculture for supporting our summer camps!