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Empowering Youth through
Hands-On Learning with Horses

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Take a moment to think about how hard these past years have been in your own life. Now imagine you're a child or a teen, absorbing uncertainty, experiencing anxiety, and struggling to process your emotions day in, day out.Windhorse helps youth build confidence, alleviate anxiety, learn emotional skills, boost resiliency, and find joy during troubling times. Our mission is more critical now than ever – the Covid pandemic has left so many kids feeling anxious and confused. Time spent in connection with horses is both calming and confidence-building.

Ever wondered why we chose the name Windhorse? The word originates from the Tibetan term Lungta. Lungta is said to be the unlimited energy of basic goodness.

Helping kids is a team effort, and we're so grateful to our team of dedicated volunteers. As we head into our "off season," we'll be introducing you to some of the amazing people who make Windhorse possible. First up is Dina Warren!

  • Windhorse is currently offered in six-week small class sessions in the spring and fall and in week-long summer camps. The program is progressive and all participants must start in the basic horsemanship class. Students who stay in the program will be taught horsemanship and riding skills and will also mentor and support students in the basic classes.

    School-year classes are two hours and take place on Saturdays, Sundays, and some weekday afternoons. Windhorse offers a week-long summer camp in June in partnership with Montana State University’s College of Agriculture, and two summer camps in July in partnership with MSU and the Gallatin Valley YMCA. Each six-week session and summer camp is $300; needs based scholarships are available. To sign-up for the program, participants must complete the following application and questionnaire. Once accepted into the program, additional paperwork is required.

  • Deb Sipes, Natalie's grandmother and legal guardian
    Deb Sipes, Natalie's grandmother and legal guardian

    "I’ve seen such a tremendous change in Natalie in the past year since she started in Windhorse classes. There’s a growth and a maturity and an empathy for others that she did not have before. She wasn’t able to comprehend how her actions affected other people or animals. And her ability to interact and have relationships has improved so much. I really attribute these changes to what she’s learned at Windhorse. "

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