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Join Windhorse and Horses for Mental Health in a national campaign to expand the role horses play in mental health and personal growth to realize a world where all mental health needs are met.


At Windhorse, we know that horses have the power to teach us and to heal us. We are committed to partnering with horses to help all kids thrive and to help those who are struggling find their way. We know incorporating horses in social-emotional learning sessions can help our community's youth learn valuable skills that will help them face developmental challenges as they grow.

We also understand the social and developmental hurdles that young people navigate in our swiftly evolving world; and we recognize the intensifying mental and behavioral health challenges they face. The staggering statistics from Montana, which consistently holds one of the nation’s highest suicide rates, and the alarming findings from the 2021 Youth Risk Behavior Survey, paint a sobering picture. 

An unsettling 41% of Montana’s high school students have reported prolonged periods of sadness or hopelessness, a 16% increase since 1999. Closer to home, in Gallatin County, 39% of students reported symptoms of depression, 20.7% seriously thought about suicide, and a concerning 14.3% made suicide attempts. This insight underscores the urgent need for timely interventions and community support. 

We at Windhorse are champions of hope and resilience, rising to the challenge with a proactive approach that advocates for healthy and powerful youth. By teaching social-emotional skills and helping youth build confidence and resilience, we are helping mitigate the effects of adverse experiences, reshaping life trajectories, and paving the way for a healthier, more prosperous future society.

That’s why we’ve joined an exciting national fundraising and awareness campaign, Seen Through Horses, alongside 75+ nonprofit organizations. Funds raised during Mental Health Awareness Month (May 1-31) through the Seen Through Horses campaign, will benefit Windhorse programs and the mental health of youth in Montana’s Gallatin and Park Counties. Please consider supporting Windhorse Equine Learning this May and help us to inspire and empower the next generation.


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