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Windhorse is managed completely by volunteers and we are always looking for passionate and talented people to join our team. Whether you are interested in volunteering in the program with the kids and horses, or you would prefer to work behind the scenes on our Board of Directors or on a committee, we would appreciate the help and support.

To apply to be a volunteer, please complete the application form below.

Volunteer Application Form

Frequent Volunteer Questions

  • What do volunteers do?

    We have lots of opportunities for volunteers. We always need volunteers to work in the program, teaching kids horsemanship and riding skills, leadership and life skills. We also need folks who are willing to work behind the scenes helping us market the program, build connections in the community, plan and implement fundraising events, and help with administrative duties. We are currently seeking board members who can help guide our organization as it expands.

  • What kind of time commitment is required?

    The time commitment depends on the type of volunteer work you are doing. If you are working in the program, it is important that you commit to attend every class in the session or summer camp. Consistency is important to our students. Since Windhorse is entirely run by volunteers, the time commitment can be more than for an organization with paid staff, but we will work with your schedule to ensure that the amount of work works for you.

  • How long does the application process take?

    We like to meet face to face with potential volunteers and get to know you and what you are passionate about. We have an application for you to complete and a volunteer handbook for you to review and understand. If you are working in the program, you will need to attend a volunteer training prior to the start of the session or summer camp.

  • How much does the volunteer background check cost?

    Nothing. Windhorse pays for your background check!

  • Do I need horse experience?

    We do require that you have experience with horses to work in the program. But we have lots of other volunteer opportunities that do not involve working directly with the horses.